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2021 Summer Shredder

April 12th – June 20th















FINALLY....Spring is here!  And you know what Spring leads to....


We are gearing up to bring back our most popular program of the year...the SUMMER SHREDDER.

The goal of the Summer Shredder is to help you get healthier and lose some unwanted pounds and inches as we head into the Summer season.

Let Edge Fitness help get your body Summer-Ready with…

  • A done-for-you 10 week meal plan

  • Goal setting session

  • Our award-winning Group Personal Training workouts

  • Accountability

  • Weekly support and motivational emails


Are you ready to make this your Best Summer ever? 

Here are the details:

  • The Summer Shredder is a 10 week program running from April 12th – June 20th

  • Each participant will schedule a goal-setting session to map out their path to success.

  • A complete Done-For-You 10 Week Meal Plan and Grocery Lists will be provided to all participants.  Real food and no meal-skipping starvation diets!

  • Access to our popular Group Personal Training (GPT) workouts that offer 17 training opportunities/week.  We highly suggest that participants get in 3-4 GPT workouts/week to best compliment the Summer Shredder meal plan.

  • Participants will receive regular updates and support and are encouraged to check-in, ask questions, and let us help you succeed!

  • Participants will be held clean, commit to regular workouts, have a great attitude and dominate the 10 week challenge!



Members – Only $79 ($20 discount if you bring a non-member friend)

Non-members – Only $299 (includes 10 full weeks of GPT workouts)


Please Note:  This exclusive program is only open to 10 members and 10 non-members.  In order to give the participants the attention they need and deserve, we have chosen to limit the size of this program.

Before you sign-up and take one of the spots, we must warn you....this challenge will take hard-work and dedication on your part.  There are no short-cuts on this program! You’ll establish your goals with us in your individual goal-setting session...these could be losing “x” amount of pounds, getting in “x” number of workouts per week, meeting a strength goal or any other clear-cut goal that we establish together.  

If you are FINALLY ready to commit to an exercise and meal plan that will get you the RESULTS you deserve, then this is the program for you.


Ready to SHRED some FAT and LOOK GREAT this Summer?  Get signed up NOW as the 20 spots WILL go fast!

Here’s what a few of our past challenge participants had to say about their experience.....

Despite this being a long program (10 weeks) it was beneficial for me to have a daily schedule of exactly what to eat and when to eat it. This plan gives you the recipes you will be using and has a good variety of foods.  The part I enjoyed most about this program was doing it with a friend - we had a great time keeping each other accountable.”

“I have to say that this was an amazing challenge and I am so glad I participated in it.  It showed us how to eat right and the length of it helped form good eating habits!”

The plan was so easy to follow!  I liked that everything was planned out and the meals were so easy to prepare.  Thanks to Kerri for all the encouragement along the way!”

If you’re ready to reserve a spot or have any questions, contact Kerri at TODAY or fill out the info box below....goal setting sessions are already being scheduled!


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