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21 Day Reset 
Sept. 16th - Oct. 6th



















With summer winding down and family/class reunions, weddings, graduation parties, etc. now behind us, it's time to refocus on what we put back into our bodies to best meet our fitness goals and needs.
We know the Summer months can be tough when it comes to staying on track…we feel it too!
If you haven’t been on track with your overall nutrition and want to feel better and have more energy, it’s time for a reset!
We'll be offering a short (21 days) Reset program beginning on Monday Sept. 16th. 


Nothing fancy - no pills or powders, just simply eating whole foods in order to re-set ourselves with the goal to look and feel better.
Are you ready to Reset?  
Current members can join us for only $29, while non-members can get a full 30 days of GPT, an individual Success Session to help get you started and the Reset program for only $89.

If you have any questions or are ready to reserve a spot, contact Kerri at  


The 21 -Day Reset is NOT a weird diet plan nor does it require any special supplements or shakes. You will learn how to use food as fuel and how eliminating certain foods for stretches of time can relieve your body of may harmful toxins (all the sugar/processed carbs/alcohol that you've consumed over the summer and now continue to CRAVE!).


The details:

o You will receive the 21 Day Reset Manual- it will act as a guide for you throughout the program

o 3 levels to choose from and how to choose the correct level for you (what to eat, what to eliminate and what to eat sometimes)

o Meal and snack ideas, recipes as well as grocery lists for each level

o Guidelines for the best times to eat based on your schedule as well as portion size recommendations

o Suggestions for dining out/travel

o Information on what you can expect during the 21 days

o Motivational support to help you succeed! 



Keep in mind this is NOT a weight loss challenge – instead this plan is to help clean up your diet and fuel your body in a way that could result in more energy, better mood, improved sleep, and less gastrointestinal stress among other benefits.


If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please contact Kerri,

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