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Of The Month

~Karina Kuzdas~

Edge Fitness and Sports Performance is proud to announce Karina Kuzdas as our January athlete of the month! A current 6th grader at DeForest Middle School, Karina is a star soccer athlete who plays both club soccer and indoor futsol. She plays her outdoor spring season with the Norski Soccer Club and is currently in the middle of her winter indoor season as part of the Madison Futsol League. Karina joined the sports performance program a few months ago in order to improve her overall athleticism and develop some basic strength. One of Karina’s goals for her upcoming spring soccer season is to be able to do a “Rainbow” kick on the soccer field. After two dedicated months of training, she has made some tremendous improvements and, more importantly, has gained a ton of confidence! Karina is one of the hardest working 6th graders we have ever worked with. She takes her training seriously, is a fantastic listener, is always willing to try something new, and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Karina’s favorite parts about sports performance are the carioca drill variations during warm ups, playing games like handball and basketball at the start or end of a session, and ultimately having fun every time she comes in! We wish Karina the best of luck with her soccer and futsol seasons and congratulate her on being selected as the January athlete of the month!

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