Merry Anderson

Performance Coach-Special Populations

With co-owners Ken and Kerry’s encouragement, Merry returned to school after retiring from the University of Wisconsin Foundation to get her ACE personal trainer certification. Merry will tell you, “it was a challenge for me being in the classroom after 40 years at a desk job, but workout clothes are just so comfortable”. This lightheartedness is a great example of the cheerful and positive personality Merry brings to her training sessions. Since 2012, Merry and has since earned ACE specialty certifications in senior fitness and weight management, something she personally struggles with but strives to overcome daily. She loves working with beginners and active older adults who are determined to stay healthy. “It’s an uncontrollable fact that we get older every minute. However, we have more control than we think over how we age. With the right tools and confidence, you can maximize your health, fitness and energy and minimize pain at any age”. Merry’s unique perspective makes her a valuable addition to the Edge Fitness coaching staff.