Trevor Raimer

Manager/Performance Coach

Trevor Raimer, a Performance Coach and Physical Therapist, joined the Edge Fitness coaching staff in 2015. Trevor has worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant since 2007 and has been coaching large group, semi-private, and 1 on 1 training sessions since 2010. With his ten plus years of experience, he has worked with all ages and fitness levels. Trevor’s philosophy is that being active and staying fit should be both fun and challenging with the goals of becoming happier, healthier and the best version of yourself. He brings a holistic approach to training understanding that strength, agility, flexibility, balance, sleep and diet are all important pieces of physical health. Although there are many aspects involved in achieving well-being, Trevor believes that physical fitness is a foundational component. He is definitely the funniest staff member here at Edge. If he can make you at least smile during a workout then you are definitely broken beyond repair….Haha! When he's not in the gym or chasing his kids around you might spot him on the slopes, rivers or trails in the area. Stop by and see what he can do to help you become the best version of yourself!