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Parent Testimonials

Shane Schultz-Lakeside Lutheran High School, Class of 2018

"We feel like Shane has made many improvements in his athleticism, strength, speed, confidence and leadership. Shane’s goals when starting at Edge Fitness was to become stronger, faster and improve his sports performance and overcome back pain from his rapid growth. Shane improved in all of these areas. In addition, he has become more self confident and a leader. In fast many younger athletes look up to Shane. We weren’t sure if he was going to be able to continue to play sports due to his rapid growth. Thanks to Edge Fitness and Shane's personalized program, his training has allowed him to become faster, stronger and a great athlete.


For example this year during football testing at his high school all the coaches noticed how much faster Shane was. One of the coaches asked for Shane to write and talk about how he became so much faster and stronger.  In addition, last spring during baseball the coaches noticed how much stronger and faster Shane was. We often have parents, coaches and other athletes ask what Shane has been doing off season.


Without the training he did at Edge Fitness he wouldn’t have accomplished all of the goals he set out to achieve. He wanted to improve both as an athlete and personally. Many coaches and parents have asked us where he trains and how they noticed how he has grown as an athlete.

The drive from Lake Mills to Windsor was worth all that Shane has accomplished. In fact Shane talks about how he would like to continue with his workouts when football season ends."

-Dan & Gina Schultz
Reese Yocum- DeForest High School, Class of 2022

"When Reese began her summer training program we asked Taylor to focus on building leg strength to improve pitching in softball and hitting in volleyball. Not only did she need to build strength, but she had a large discrepancy in leg strength between her right and left leg. Reese attended class 3 times per week with a handful of exceptions when she had conflicts with volleyball camps or softball tournaments. By the end of the summer she dramatically improved the strength and symmetry in her legs. Her single leg hop improved from 4'11" to 5'1" on her left leg and 4'8" to 5'3" on her right leg. At her last league softball game her coach commented the improvement in her velocity from the beginning to the end of the summer. Seeing the measurable improvements in her leg strength also boosted her confidence and improved her mental approach to both volleyball and softball."

-Amanda Yocum
Bryan, Stephanie, & Charlotte Voge

"We have 3 children with various abilities and goals attend training sessions at Edge Fitness. The coaches at Edge will tailor a personalized program that fits each kid’s individual needs instead of a one-size fits all approach. Workouts are varied, hard but fun and all 3 look forward to going.

Bryan, age 22, is a former athlete who is looking to get back in shape. Currently working one on one with Trevor, their sessions focus on building strength and improving general conditioning. Bryan has found a new passion and excitement for working out again. Trevor has done a great job motivating Bryan to both set and achieve his goals.


Stephanie, class of 2018, is planning to play Division 1 hockey in college. She currently attends prep school in Massachusetts, but comes home every summer for off-season sports performance training at Edge Fitness. Taylor designs her training programs to focus on strength and power development, plyometrics, and core stability. She has been able to work out alongside current college athletes which has aided in her understanding of what it takes to be successful at the next level.

Charlotte, class of 2024, is an aspiring hockey, volleyball and softball player who also attends sports performance sessions at Edge Fitness. Taylor has designed a comprehensive youth program for younger athletes that builds general athleticism but is also enjoyable, so that the kids want to keep coming back and improving. Charlotte’s program focuses on her goals of developing overall athleticism, mobility, and improving her general conditioning."

-David Voge
Bennett Morrison- DeForest Middle School, Class of 2025

“Bennett really has gotten a lot out of training at Edge Fitness and he really likes it. We enrolled Bennett in sports performance after he expressed a desire to work on his flexibility and strength and to help ensure he stayed active this past summer after the baseball season ended. He immediately enjoyed it and especially liked the fact he has a specialized work out plan tailored to meet his goals. He also likes that there is variety in the workouts in addition to  the coaching and encouragement he gets. Benefits we have seen include increased endurance and stamina as well as improved agility and strength. It has also helped reinforce to Bennett that hard work pays off.  He realizes how performance training has helped him and he knows he has earned it by working hard. Edge Fitness has really helped him channel his determination into hard work, and he’s benefited from that in a lot of ways, so thank you for that. We have also seen a huge increase in Bennett's confidence since he's been attending sports performance. I really think that improving his fitness has given him confidence in other areas of his life. He doesn't think that hard tasks are impossible anymore. It's great!”

-Matt & Laura Morrison
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