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Why Choose Edge?

Athletic Development Mindset

Athlete Centered Approach

Edge Fitness Community

  • Our unique training style aims to develop total athleticism through competition and play

  • Each athlete is recognized as an individual who has their own distinctive goals, needs, and learning styles

  • The training environment is very inclusive, positive, supportive, and community oriented

Lifelong Learning

  • Edge Fitness and Sports Performance is dedicated to helping our athletes gain insight, broaden their perspectives, and excel not only in their sport, but in life too!

Training Philosophy:

Our Mission:

To build the COMPLETE athlete by developing athleticism, foundational performance qualities, character, and confidence!

Our Goals:

  • DEVELOPING TOTAL ATHLETICISM- Athleticism encompasses all of the physical qualities and characteristics that make an athlete good at their sport. Strength, speed, and power are often the most talked about, but we must remember that true athleticism goes far beyond these basics. Total athleticism is about body proprioception, or put simply, understanding and being able to control your body in space and time. True athleticism is the ability to “feel” which requires dynamic balance, coordination, ability to create separation, to decelerate and re-accelerate in all directions, timing, court or field vision, and the ability to read and react to an opponent. These are essential when it comes to developing total athleticism.   


  • BUILDING FOUNDATIONAL PERFORMANCE QUALITIES- Here we are interested in the basic performance qualities like dynamic mobility, strength, power, speed, and endurance. These foundational qualities are universal to elite performance in all court, field, track, and aquatic sports. Routine high-quality training can provide substantial gains in each of these areas which have a direct transfer to improved performance within the athletes’ given sport. Training does not have to be sport specific; it needs to be sport appropriate. Additionally, a routine high-quality training program will inherently address the issue of injury prevention. A strong, powerful, fast athlete who moves well in all directions is a resilient and durable athlete. 

  • IMPROVING CHARACTER- Our sports performance program is about more than just improving physical qualities, it is about developing well-rounded individuals. We strive to create a culture of excellence where integrity, purpose, and passion are emphasized in everything that we do. Routine sports performance training can have extraordinarily positive impacts on discipline, responsibility, autonomy, work ethic, and mental toughness.

  • EMPOWERING CONFIDENCE- Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our sports performance program is the tremendous amount of confidence that our athletes gain throughout their time with us. We pride ourselves on taking a long term athletic development approach to our training which allows our athletes to build their physical movement competencies progressively. Competence builds confidence and that confidence will transfer directly to the court, field, track, or pool and beyond!

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